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Strategy – Filastiniyat – فلسطينيات

Filastinyat Strategy

We believe that committing the institutions of civil and political societies to those goals, to the integration of gender and youth perspectives and to the protection of and respect for Palestinian women’s rights will significantly enhance the legitimacy of all formal and/or informal discourses and the durability of alternative discourse, as well as provide the framework for the reconstruction of democratic and accountable institutions and structures that are capable of creating and sustaining a stable Palestinian society enjoying democratic values and practices. Alternative media discourse and equitable participation of women and youth are not just abstract social justice goals, but are also decisive factors in building a just and a lasting peace, democratic governance and sustainable development.

Strategic Objectives:
1. Enhancement of public policies responsiveness to the women’s discourse.
2. Strengthen the role of Palestinian female journalists in Palestinian media and public life
3. Enhancement of women and youth participation in internal dialogue, policy formulation and decision making.
4. Improving Filastiniyat’s Capacity; increasing the presence in local, regional and international coalitions and building staff capabilities to match the new strategy.

Filastinyat Programs

  • Female Journalists Club
  • Youth Debate Club: Palestine debate
  • NAWA- Online women media Network
  • Advocacy, networking, policy formulation and capacity building



Direct target group:

  1. female journalists.
  2. university youths.
  3. journalists and their media outlets and organizations.
  4. women groups and organizations

In-direct target group:

government institutions, private sector, civil society organizations, universities and the Palestinian public.

“Filastiniyat works in the Gaza Strip and West Bank- especial emphasis is given to Gaza because of the huge needs and challenges it faces.”

  • Respect for Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Intolerance for violence against women and sexual harassment

Filastiniyat through its debate club and female journalists club brings together youth and journalists from all walks of life treating them all with respect and providing equal opportunity for participation. Filastiniyat promotes professionalism on its media conduct which makes it a trust worthy organization that is independent and not affiliated with any political party- professionalism is the magic word for journalists’ protection in a conflict area.  In addition, Filastiniyat is open and encourages information sharing, transparency, accountability and integrity thus it is keen in the inclusion of all its target groups in the planning, implementation and evaluation.  Moreover, Filastiniyat has zero tolerance towards violence against women and sexual harassment. Currently developing a sexual harassment policy and producers manual for complaints for female journalists.